LegaSEA Reefs Now Available to the Public

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After years of working almost exclusively with Florida Counties to produce artificial reefs, McCulley Marine Services, Inc., has decided to offer their reef modules, LegaSEA Reefs, to the public. This is an exciting new opportunity for both the public and the company.

For many years, artificial reefs have provided new habitats around the world. McCulley Marine has deployed artificial reefs along the East and West coast of Florida since 1979. In 2013, McCulley Marine partnered with Walter Marine Artificial Reefs and their company Reef Makers to deploy a specialized module that is ideal for the waters surrounding Florida.

These artificial reef modules are specially designed with limestone rocks directly embedded into the surface of the artificial reef. Since limestone is the basis for all coral reef growth, this material makes the reef modules an ideal habitat for hard and soft corals to grow upon. The modules stand 8 ft. tall and have a 10 ft. footprint on the ocean floor. Their pyramid shape provides habitat for snapper, grouper, reef fish and bait fish alike.

The LegaSEA Reef, with its artistic design, makes a wonderful gift for a loved one. With your purchase of a LegaSEA Reef today, you will have the opportunity to choose your placement location from one of the pre-approved artificial reef sites we deploy at each year. Additionally, each reef comes with a dedication plaque that is perfect for family members’ names, an inspirational quote, company logos and many other ideas as well. The plaques are engraved and sealed and placed directly in the surface of the reef during construction.

With the purchase of a LegaSEA Reef, we encourage you to be part of the entire process. During the construction phase, you are welcome to come and place handprints, small solid mementos and other objects directly into your reef. Once the reef is ready to be deployed, we encourage you to attend and watch as your reef becomes a new habitat for centuries to come. If you have your own boat, come join us directly. If you need to charter a boat to attend we are happy to assist you. We work with local captains who will provide you with an experience you won’t forget anytime soon.

Once the reef is placed on the ocean floor, we will provide you with your GPS coordinates so you and your loved ones and friends can return to your new reef anytime. Each time you return, your reef will have new growth and offer even better habitat for the species who now call it home.

For more information please visit our Contact Us page. Or, you can call us directly at 1-772-489-6069

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