Collier County’s “Art”ificial Reef

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Just recently we partnered with Collier County, FL to create another artificial reef project. This time Collier County wanted to do something a little bit different. They brought in the artist Vito DeBari to design a pattern that would be representative of the area’s wildlife. DeBari created an outline utilizing our LegaSEA Reefs to create a turtle on the ocean floor.

We were incredibly excited to work on this project. The turtle outline utilized 34 of the LegaSEA Reef modules. We utilized our state of the art GPS guided placement system to accurately position the reefs to create the turtle. We partnered with UESI to use divers to place the reefs within 3ft of the accuracy of the design.


The deployment took two days and went off without a hitch. This reef is just the latest project Collier County has placed in the past few years as part of their ongoing “Paradise Reef” project. We look forward to continuing to work with coastal counties to create innovative projects that help provide habitats for our marine species.

Stay tuned for more upcoming projects and creative uses of our LegaSEA Reefs! For more information on creating your own LegaSEA today click here —>  Contact Us