Create a custom LegaSEA Reef ™ Memorial!

Choose to build a custom reef to commemorate or honor that special person in your life. There is no greater way to create a lasting legacy than to use your loved one’s ashes in an eco-friendly, sustainable way. By choosing to create an everlasting legacy your loved one will be creating new life and providing a habitat in the ocean for centuries to come.Available options include:

  • Loved one’s ashes can be mixed into the concrete when the reef module is created.
  • Custom granite memorial plaque
  • Ability to attend casting and place small mementos and handprints in the reef
  • Offshore memorial or celebration service to view the reef deployment
  • Reef placement on any of our ongoing reef project sites along the East and West coast of Florida.
  • Name your reef
  • Photos and/or video of your reef, during and post deployment.

What is a LegaSEA Reef ™ Memorial?

The LegaSEA Reefs™ Memorial stand an impressive 8 ft. tall and 10 ft. wide and have an over 43ft square footprint on the ocean floor. They are constructed out of a nearly pH neutral concrete with Florida Limestone securely integrated into the surface. Your loved ones ashes are carefully mixed directly into the concrete before the limestone rocks are added to the surface.

The limestone provides the perfect surface for coral polyps to attach to since limestone is the base for all coral reefs to grow upon. The pyramid design of the reef is one of the strongest shapes known to man. This design provides an ideal shape for withstanding storm events, anchor damage and scouring and settling into the ocean floor.

Additionally, there is no need to worry about any sea creatures getting trapped inside. The reef has a specially designed sea turtle escape hatch at the top to protect curious sea creatures from any harm. The artistic design is a perfect habitat choice for an abundant variety of species. Not only is the reef aesthetically pleasing, it is the preferred habitat shape for groupers and snappers, also creating upwellings for baitfish.


One of the best things about choosing a LegaSEA Reef™ Memorial is the opportunity for your loved ones to return to it year after year to see it grow and change. Choosing a memorial reef is the best way to commemorate a loved one while giving back to the environment. Each year the reef will continue to grow in complexity and each visit they will discover something new. Your loved ones will want to return to your memorial reef to share happy memories and create new ones. Whether your loved one was an avid fisherman, a lover of the ocean or an environmentally conscious individual, choosing an Everlasting LegaSEA Reef Memorial is a wonderfully fitting tribute.

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A freshly deployed Everlasting LegaSEA Reef Memorial
An established Everlasting LegaSEA Reef Memorial