The LegaSEA Reef™


Have you ever spent time in Florida creating unforgettable memories while fishing, diving, or beaching?

If so, consider creating an everlasting memory with a LegaSEA Reef™ today.


LegaSEA Reefs™ stand an impressive 8 ft. tall and have a 10 ft. footprint on the ocean floor. They are constructed out of a nearly pH neutral concrete with Florida Limestone securely integrated into the surface. The limestone provides the perfect surface for coral polyps to attach to since limestone is the base for all coral reef to begin with. The pyramid design is one of the strongest shapes known to man and provides an ideal shape for withstanding storm events and anchor damage. There is no need to worry about anything getting trapped inside. The reef has a specially designed sea turtle escape hatch at the top to protect curious sea creatures from any harm. The artistic design is a perfect habitat choice for an abundant variety of species. Not only is the reef aesthetically pleasing, it is the preferred habitat shape for groupers and snappers, also creating upwellings for baitfish.


One of the best things about owning your own LegaSEA Reef™ is the ability to return to it year after year to continue to watch it grow and change. Whether you are an avid fisherman or diver or just someone who wants to improve the marine environment, choosing a LegaSEA Reef™ is right for you. Each year the reef will continue to grow in complexity and each visit you will discover something new.


If you would like to personalize your reef, we offer customized granite plaques that are placed directly into the reef during construction. The plaque is a wonderful way to individualize your reef. Not only would you be helping provide a habitat for a variety of species of fish, coral, sponge, and algae; your reef would contribute to enriching the environment for future generations.


LegaSEA Reefs™ are deployed multiple times a year in waters along Florida’s East and West coasts. For ordering information and details about upcoming deployment locations please contact us at or by contacting us.



Showcasing the turtle escape opening area of a LegaSEA Reef.

LegaSEA Reef with a dedication plaque ready for deployment.