Where can LegaSEA Reefs be placed?

LegaSEA Reefs is a partnership for the deployments with McCulley Marine Services, Inc., which is based out of Fort Pierce, FL. McCulley Marine is known for their accuracy in deploying artificial reefs. They deploy LegaSEA Reefs along the East and West coast of Florida each year. We also have a designated deployment area in St. Lucie County that we deploy to every year. The reefs are placed in designated artificial reef locations predetermined by the government. All reef deployment dates are conditional to weather conditions. Contact us to ask about available upcoming deployment locations.

A) If for any reason McCulley Marine Services, Inc. is unable to place a LegaSEA Reef at the selected location and the reef has not yet been cast, the family will be offered the option of either being included with any other comparable placement or a full refund of monies paid.
B) If the LegaSEA Reef Memorial has been cast, and for any reason, McCulley Marine Services, Inc. is unable to place the reef at the selected location, McCulley Marine Services, Inc. will offer the family another available placement location and McCulley Marine Services, Inc. will be responsible for any additional costs associated with the placement.
After Placement
McCulley Marine Services LegaSEA Reefs has a long and tested history of stability during storms. We will make every reasonable effort to place the LegaSEA Reef Memorial so that they will not be affected by storms or the impacts of boating activities or any other maritime activity, accident or circumstance. However, under no circumstances will McCulley Marine Services, Inc. be responsible for any damage to the reef memorial or relocation of a LegaSEA Reef Memorial after placement if it is affected by the storm or any other condition.

LegaSEA Reefs will allow for the inclusion of pet remains with human remains only in individual LegaSEA Reef Memorials. Under no circumstances will McCulley Marine Services, Inc. knowingly includes both pet and human remains in a reef without the consent of all interested parties.

Multiple Sets of Remains
McCulley Marine Services, Inc. will accept multiple sets of remains for casting into a single Reef Memorial under the following conditions;
1. No more than four (4) sets of remains can be placed into a LegaSEA Reef Memorial module.
2. An additional fee for handling multiple sets of remains may be charged.
3. Pets may be included in individual units and will be considered additional sets of remains.
4. There may be limitations as to the names and text included on the Reef Memorial plaque.

McCulley Marine will make every effort to assure timely casting and deployments of all LegaSEA Reef Memorials. Permitting and tentative timeframes for casting and deployment will be discussed with the family with the understanding that these are construction projects that can be delayed by weather or other factors beyond our control. Additionally, due to the nature of the deployment, all placement dates are tentative and dependent on weather.

Broken Units
Rarely, a reef memorial may break as they are removed from the mold or during transportation. In the unlikely event this should happen, McCulley Marine Services, Inc. will at its expense, recast the Reef Memorial from pieces of the original.

All policies are subject to amendment or change without notice.