Faye and John “Boo” McCulley of McCulley Marine Services, Inc., out of Fort Pierce, FL, have always been forward thinkers when it came to creative projects that help enhance the marine environment. As the President and Vice President of McCulley Marine Services, they have had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of projects both in the United States and Internationally. While they have been enriching the marine environment since 1979, their newest adventure comes from offering LegaSEA Reefs to the public.

Regarded as the premier artificial reef builders in Florida, McCulley Marine is known for placing their artificial reefs with accuracy and efficiency. To date, McCulley Marine has deployed hundreds of thousands of tons of materials to develop over 300 different artificial reefs. In the past, the company has showcased their versatility through deploying dozens of ships, tug boats, barges, limestone rocks and materials of opportunity as artificial reefs as well.

In 2013 McCulley Marine decided it was time to branch out and explore new opportunities to bring an even greater number of artificial reefs to Florida. McCulley Marine reached out to Walter Marine in Alabama to see if they would be interested in partnering in this project.

Walter Marine, through their brand Reefmaker, has deployed artificial reefs since 1986 and is the largest reef builder in the United States. They were a natural partner for McCulley Marine since the artificial reef modules that Reefmaker produces utilize natural limestone rock that is integrated into a nearly ph-neutral concrete. With limestone being the basis of all coral foundation, it was an ideal module for deployment in Florida waters.

In 2013, McCulley Marine began deploying the modules in Florida with great success. They quickly became the overall choice for government municipalities for artificial reef projects throughout the state. Due to their 8ft tall by 10ft wide footprint, they offered a high profile, aesthetically pleasing artificial reef that provided maximum surface area for algae, sponge and soft and hard coral growth. Fish such as snappers, groupers, bait fish and sport fish alike are attracted to the modules.

In 2016, after great success deploying the reefs for government grant projects, McCulley Marine decided to offer the reefs to the public. The development of LegaSEA Reefs was a natural way to offer the opportunity to create a lasting legasea to everyone. LegaSEA Reefs are deployed along the East and West coasts of Florida multiple times throughout the year.

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